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Here at Cherokee Firearms, we offer a wide range of products and services; some of which can be viewed by clicking on the red drop down menu on the left of the page.  If you don't see what you are after, please call us, at (417) 868-8083, or stop by the store for help.  We are often able to order exactly what you would like.  See the "Contact Us" page for details on how to find us.

                           Some of the things we are known for:

Current Promotions / Sales / News

- Custom and Unique Firearms

- Suppressors

- Parts and Accessories

- Reloading Supplies

- Muzzleloading Guns and Supplies

- Scope Mounting / Bore Sighting

- Large Selection of Knives

NICK:  AKA - Chief

This is all his fault! He is the mastermind behind this grand scheme. Nick is widely known as the friendliest person in the store with a smile and a conversation for all. Nick's favorite gun would be... his next one. Any guesses on what that might be?


Debbie helps with marketing and promotions. She is also, the Paperwork Queen.  Debbie's favorite gun would have to be the Sig Sauer P210. "Oh my goodness, it is an amazing gun to shoot!"

ED:  AKA - Baby Face Ed. 

Oh, what can we say about Ed... We find him hiding out in safes, hanging out in the bathroom, and making us laugh.  He is a man of many hats.  When he is not here, you might find him out playing with fire or saving a life.  Ed's favorite gun is a 1911.  They are his favorite to shoot and just an all around classic gun.

JESSE:  AKA - The Bearded Wonder.

You have to move fast to keep up with Jesse.  He is always on the move helping customers, organizing merchandise, finding prices, and finishing Dan's paperwork.  Jesse thinks he needs to change his favorite gun to his new Hi point (which he waited over a year for), but since he hasn't shot it yet, we can't let him do that.  Go shoot the thing!

JIM:  AKA - Scratch. 

Jim is a world class engraver, who we are lucky enough to have stationed with us! He engraves guns for people from all over the world, and, also, teaches several engraving classes throughout the year.  His favorite gun is a Winchester/Uberti 1873.  A classic cowboy gun, form and function like none other, so much style and grace it doesn't need engraving... But... Even finer engraved.

JON:  AKA - Jonny Hotwrench.

Jon is our in house curmudgeon extraordinaire. The mark of a true gunsmith is his ability to engineer a solution instead of just being able to replace parts.  Jon has an extensive knowledge of older guns which has been essential to his success in helping customers with their special needs.  Jon likes the 1911 because it is the best fighting handgun ever made (and " I'm an old guy and I like old things"). 




Welcome to the home of Cherokee Firearms on the world wide web.  We moved into our new facility on July 5th, 2017.  Look through our web pages, we have tried to offer you a glimpse of what we have to offer here at Cherokee Firearms.  We still have our great selection of inventory, our excellent gun repair department, our in house, world-class engraver, and NOW, A STATE OF THE ART, CLIMATE CONTROLLED, 8-LANE INDOOR SHOOTING RANGE!

Federally Licensed & Proudly Serving the Springfield Area Since 1988



Here at Cherokee, we all become like one big family.  Send us your hunting pictures and your service members' picture.  We would love to show them off.  (Make sure to give us names, firearm used, branch of service, and rank).  Email them to

J.D. : AKA-  Juvenile delinquent.  We keep him here because the streets are safer when he is occupied. 


John: AKA-  Mr. Experience

Whether he is shooting, roaming the aisles, looking for Don, or working the counter  he is determined to give everyone the best experience possible. You thought I was going to talk about age didn't you?  

BRADEN: AKA-  The Pusher

Braden pushes through anything-  bronchitis, pneumonia, torn cartilage, missed lunches.  

- Obscure Ammunition

- Cleaning and Repair

- Novices not Ridiculed!

- Cowboy Friendly!

- Education and Training

- Archie the cat


DON: AKA - Short stuff

What can we say,  sometimes a ladder is just not convenient.

 Please note: WE DO NOT 



 accept transfers from FFL

 holders.  See transfer details 

 in our FAQ segment on the 

 Contact Us page.

And, then there was... ARCHIBALD: AKA - Archie.  He was the ruler of all.  We miss you, buddy.  

Please Note: There will unfortunately be a price increase beginning 1/1/2022 on:

*Transfers - going to $40

*CCW Class - going to $100

*Beg. Handgun Class - going to $100

Book your class now for Jan or Feb before the prices go up.

Check out the new green REVIEW US button.  This button will take you directly to our Google Reviews and allow you the opportunity to leave us a review.  We appreciate your feedback; it helps our business grow and improve.

BEAR: AKA - Lil' Bear.  Part-time shop dog, part-time lovable monster.  Her favorite gun is a pez dispenser.

TOM: AKA-  The Drifter.   Is he SPD?  Is he from socal?  Is he a teacher?  Maybe someday he will find his purpose, and make something out of his life.....






We pray you and your family have a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!

We appreciate each and every one of you.  When you shop with us, your money stays local; it helps your community and it helps pay for swim lessons, college, mortgages, etc., not a CEO's vacation home.  In store or on our online shopping site, thank you for keeping your money local.

MATT: AKA-  Mr. Attitude.   Fortunately its usually a pleasant one, but watch out cuz when he flips the switch its bound to get dark.  ( or light-  that's how switches work)

PAUL: AKA - Dirtball.  We were the chosen ones to adopt him, feed him, and love him.