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Minimum Repair Price

The Standard Shop Rate is $60 / hours work (depending on how long the job takes).  Most repair jobs will have to be booked in (not a while you wait task) and we are typically 4-6 weeks out.  

Here are some "somewhat set" fees for specific jobs: 

Initial Consult​                                      N/C

Cleaning                                             1-2 hours labor

​Drill and Tap                                        30 minutes/hole

Mount & Bore Sight Scope                 $15 plus parts

Bluing Metal                                        starts at $300

Wood Refinishing                                starts at $300
Parkerizing                                          starts at $300

Grind Recoil Pad to Fit                        2 hours labor

Barrel Threading                                 3 hours labor

Trigger Job                                          starts at 2 hours labor

Bed/Float                                             starts at $150

Custom work/make parts                     $60/hour

Install Choke Tubes                             1-2 hours labor/plus tube cost

Install Most Pistol Sights                      $30

Beating Parts to Fit                              Free!

Transfer Fee                                        $30
NFA Transfer Fee                                $100                              


Superior Repair Services

  Jon Tickner is our in-house gun smith.  He does  excellent, quality work and has been gun smithing for over  20 years.  We service all manner of firearms at Cherokee  Firearms.  Price quotes and dumb looks are free.  Prices  may vary greatly depending on your attitude, how much you mangled it trying to fix it, how badly you want to watch us fix it, and how much you try to "help" us fix it.  Stop by, and bring your troublesome item, and let us see how we can help you.  Remember, we can't give a diagnosis over the phone.  

World Class Engraving Services

  We are fortunate enough to have Jim Downing better known as "The Gun

  Engraver" in house.  Jim is your source for quality custom engraving for all 

  firearms, knives, and scrimshaw.  Jim has earned the right to be called the

  "Best of the West!"  He specializes in historic recreations of classic engraving

  styles.   (Click on his picture to the right to go to his website.)

1500 W. College 

(The corner of College and Kansas)

Springfield, MO  65806


Mon.-Sat. 9:00-7:00, Sun.12:00-4:00

Custom  Gun Engraving - by Jim Downing