How do I register my gun?

There is no registration in the state of Missouri.  Individuals are required to pass a background check when buying a gun, which is done electronically while you wait.  The background check assures the buyer is not prohibited from owning a firearm, but the make / model / serial # of a particular gun is not given out.

How do I get a concealed carry permit?

The good news is you don't need a permit to keep a loaded gun in your vehicle.  Now, common sense says not to go waving pistols around in traffic, but you can feel a bit safer sometimes knowing you have a big stick with you.  As of January 1, 2017, you no longer have to get a Concealed Carry Weapons permit (CCW) in order to carry a concealed weapon on your person as long as you are in the state of Missouri.  We still recommend going through the training course and getting the official CCW permit for a couple of different reasons.  Foremost, you need to know and follow the laws concerned with carrying a weapon and using a weapon for personal defense no matter what.  You might not know what these are exactly if you don't attend a class.  Second, if you would like to be able to carry concealed in other states, you would have to have the official CCW permit (and then check to see if the state(s) you are traveling to honor MO's permit. 

Do you do estate/collection appraisals?


Well, yes we do.  If you can bring the firearms to us, this service is free; if you have too many and would prefer we come to you, the cost is $60/hours.  We will give you a sheet listing three prices; 1). a replacement / insurance price, 2). a fair market retail cost, and 3). our fair bid / offer to purchase your firearms. 

Do you have a (certain part) for a certain gun?

If we don't, chances are pretty good that we can order it unless it's something ancient or very unusual.  Due to the amount of service and repair work that we do, we tend to have a lot of pieces/parts in stock, so please don't hesitate to ask.

My father / grandfather / whoever has this really old gun.  What's it worth?

The only honest answer to this question is, "That depends on a lot of things," and most of those things can only be determined by us actually getting our hands on the item in question.  How old is it?  What make and model is it?  What kind of condition is it in?  Realistically, the final answer to the question is usually, "Less than you think," but once in a while a person does dig up a real find.  Bring what you've got by the shop and we'll give you our free (and worth every penny!) opinion on it.

How do I get a gun, that I bought in another state, sent to Missouri?

WE DO NOT ACCEPT TRANSFERS FROM INDIVIDUALS.  If we receive a transfer from an individual, it will be sent back to an FFL holder in that state at the individuals expense.  With that said, we do accept transfers from other FFL holders.  We do require contact prior to shipment from the customer picking up the transfer and the FFL shipper in order to get some basic information; including the name and phone number of the pick up customer, the name, phone number, and fax number/email address of the FFL shipping the firearm, and some details about the gun (Make, model, and possibly an auction/reference number). No need to come in to get this started, just give us a call and we will talk you through it.  Our transfer fee is $30/firearm and $100/NFA item (this goes toward the Class 3 license and storage fee of your item). If you would like help filling in your portion of the Form 4 &/or getting your fingerprints done, there is an additional fee for those services with a transfer. 



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Information on Transfers: 

*WE DO NOT ACCEPT TRANSFERS FROM INDIVIDUALS.  If we receive a transfer from an individual, it will be sent back to an FFL holder in that state at the individual's expense. 

*With that said, we do accept transfers from other FFL holders.  Please contact us to let us know you have a transfer coming our way. No need to come in to get this started, just give us a call and we will talk you through it. 

*Our transfer fee is $30/firearm and $100/NFA item. Please see additional transfer information on the form to the right.

Donation Requests: 

We are committed to helping our local community and promoting the shooting sports.  Requests for donations will be considered for non-profit organizations/events.  If you would like to request a donation, please fill out the Donation Request Form (found here) and return it via fax or email to Cherokee Firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Friends, there's a lot of things to know about firearms.  During the course of a normal day at work, we answer a lot of questions.  We don't mind that, because when dealing with firearms, incorrect knowledge can possibly lead to unsafe situations - and nobody wants that.

But having said that, we must confess that sometimes we wish that we had a recording of the answers that we find ourselves repeating every day.  In an effort to save our vocal cords (and some days, our sanity!), here is a list of those questions that we seem to be answering the most.  Contact us above, with your questions if you don't see it here!!






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